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    While there are many investigative tools out there that point you in the direction of which offenders to investigate, Guarded Exchange’s technique is greatly enhanced by utilizing Live Analysts to monitor offender phone calls. Staffed by Licensed Private Investigators, agencies can rest assured that trained, professional personnel are the ones aiding in the investigations.

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    • GEX provides Forensic Services for recovered cell phones, computers, and other digital devices utilizing the right technology for the right situation. Staffed by Certified Forensic Examiners, GEX provides years of expertise and all the tools necessary to get the job done correctly.


    • GEX software allows you to interface with information residing within your department’s database providing a comprehensive social link analysis, essential to fully understanding and evaluating the activities between offenders, staff members and the general public.

    • • Inmate Telephone Calls
      • Jail Management System Data
      • Kiosk Data
      • Visitation Data (In Person and Virtual)
      • Emails
      • Financial Transactions