Digital Forensics Services – at a Glance

    • Corporate & Commercial Services

      Internal investigations, employee computer misuse, password protected and locked documents, data recovery

    • Legal Resources

      Civil litigation, expert testimony, report reviewing, digital evidence training

    • Correctional Forensic Services

      Extraction, analysis and reports on recovered, seized mobile devices, forensic training, technical support

    • Private Investigations

      Infidelity, internet usage, encrypted files, phone data extraction and recovery, data recovery and backup.

  • Computer Forensics

      • Internet history
      • Password protected documents
      • Registry information
      • Deleted/lost files
      • Metadata
      • Chat logs
      • Encrypted folders and drives
      • Back up and restoration files
  • defendable chain of custody

  • Cell Phone Forensics

      • Call times; dialed and received calls, and durations
      • Text or SMS messages
      • Contact information, including names and phone numbers
      • Address book entries
      • Photos, graphics, and videos
      • Browser history
      • Deleted Data
      • SIM/SD card analysis